Beautiful Places in the Philippines to Travel

By virtue of its position in the western Pacific, the Philippines has one of the world’s longest coastlines. This country’s 7,000 tropical islands have everything from stunning beaches and amazing natural wonders to fascinating historical landmarks and exquisite coral reefs. Here are a few of the Philippines’ top tourist destinations, each of which offers a unique experience.


To visit the village of Vigan in northern Luzon is to experience a time warp. This historic Spanish trade center is a throwback to a simpler time, with dark wood palaces lining the streets as a reflection of the affluence that once flourished there. At that time, people brought beeswax and gold to China in return for bizarre Asian products. Nowadays, tourism is the major source of revenue for this port, but the historical architecture and natural beauty it formerly had make it worth visiting for business purposes as well.

Freedom Island:

Long Island and Freedom Island, both between the beaches of Paranaque and Las Pinas, comprise the Freedom Islands, which are widely recognized as one of the most popular tourist spots in Manila. Some of the world’s few remaining salt marshlands and mangrove forests may be found on these islands. These islands are also home to numerous bird and animal species, particularly those of smaller size. You may have the time of your life by travelling to Manila at the last minute from the United Kingdom at a far lesser cost and planning your trip ahead of time.

Don Sol:

Don Sol may not have a lot to offer in the way of attractions, but it attracts scuba divers and snorkelers who want to swim with the famous whale sharks that reside in the area just offshore. The chance to swim with these gentle giants, which can reach lengths of up to 12 meters, is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The region around Don Sol is perfect for a few days away since there are so many gorgeous trails to explore on foot or by bike.


It may not be the easiest city to fall in love with at first glance due to its tall buildings and busy streets in Manila, the capital of the Philippines and one of the most populated cities in the world; however, it is worth sticking with it because it has many beautiful and unique spots that are worth finding. The Pasig River runs right down the heart of Manila, creating a natural divide between the two halves of the Spanish colonial city that was established in 1571 on the shores of Manila Bay.

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